Busy, busy, busy

For the next four weeks I’m aiming to run 5 times a week. This is more than usual; more intense than usual and accordingly more demanding and exhausting than usual. I wouldn’t be doing it if I wasn’t so dashed competitive and driven. I know I can run the 10k on 22 September under 45 minutes barring some gale-force winds; natural disaster or injury but I just want to make sure. So the weekly programme is Monday a 10k run on the actual course; Tuesday 5k including the 10 exercise stations in Inverleith Park. Here’s one of the brutes :
Wednesday is interval training at the local park; Thursday is more intense interval training and Saturday is Edinburgh parkrun 5k. Friday and Sunday are rest days. All the runs are timed and my aim is to increase speed and lower times each week. So far so good but I’m aware of the dangers of pushing this too hard. That being said I was delighted to achieve an unexpected personal best in last Saturday’s parkrun. Unexpected because I’d broken my no-alcohol pledge on the Friday night. Maybe there was rocket fuel in the white wine! Conditions on Saturday were perfect for the run and for once my pacing was fairly decent.

I’m busy, busy, busy because I’m trying to fit the training listed above into my already busy schedule. And I’m also due to play my first game of squash very soon. The person below me in the ladder has challenged me to a game and if he beats me we swap places. I don’t really want this to happen so I’ll be trying my hardest when we reach court. I’m hoping I can put it off until after the 10k but I fear not. I’ll keep you posted!

Meanwhile in other news the irrespressible Vicki Weitz has this very day completed her 26th marathon in 26 days. Vicki you’re a legend!


Nothing in life is easy

But some things are harder than others. At this time of year Edinburgh doubles in population as visitors arrive for the annual Edinburgh Festival and Fringe Festival. One of the Fringe shows caught my eye : “26 marathons in 26 days.” The detail brought tears to my eyes. Every morning an amazing woman called Vicki Weitz runs from the gates of Holyrood Palace up the Royal Mile to the Castle Esplanade (a height gain of 465 feet!) and back down again. She does this 13 times and is doing it 26 days in a row! Today is Day 20 and she’s still going strong. What an amazing woman. Read more about it here
Unsurprisingly this caught the eyes of the parkrunners and on Sunday morning at the ungodly hour of 7am a bleary-eyed group of us met up with Vicki to join her. I managed 7 laps (i.e. 14 miles) before giving up and I have to say what she is doing represents an amazing feat of strength, stamina, determination and mental fortitude. I’ll let you know in due course if she completes the 26.

Yes I know I’m meant to be training for a 10k and running 14 miles up a prolonged steep hill then down again is not exactly in the training schedule I had set myself but it was worth it to see what an individual can physically achieve. My weigh-in this week revealed that I’m still putting on weight post-holiday so the regime and training will need to be stricter this week. But seeing what Vicki is achieving will definitely be a spur and an encouragement.