ullapool and life

I’m still feeling the benefit of my holiday in Ullapool. There is some amazing scenery in and around the town.
Wonderfully sharp hills rising majestically.
Ullapool itself is defined by its importance as a ferry route and life very much revolves around the ferry from Stornoway arriving and departing two or three times a day. I found myself taking lots of photos of the ferry coming and going and you can see the various weather conditions we experienced from the following.
It was very evident that life in the town revolves around the arrival and departure of the ferry. The area around the harbour and ferry terminal would become very busy as the arrival of the ferry approached. Once moored all the passengers and various forms of transport have to be unloaded. After that all the travelling passengers and various forms of transport have to be loaded. I was going to write that it was all done very speedily and efficiently. But we are very definitely talking about a very different pace of life here. And nothing whatsoever is rushed. The story is told of the visitor to the Highlands who became exasperated at how long everything took to do in the area where he was on holiday. Finally his patience snapped and he asked a local : “What’s the equivalent of manana in Gaelic?”
The local scratched his head for a minute then replied seriously : “In the Gaelic we have no word which expresses that degree of urgency.” And the story (surely apocryphal) is told of a time in the 1960’s when a tourist went into a Highland shop and asked for a newspaper. The shopkeeper asked : “Do you mean yesterdays’ or the day before?” The tourist, reasoning that he would make the best of a bad job, said “Yesterdays'” “Come back tomorrow then” was the reply.
Now things have moved on and the ferry timetable is (loosely) observed. The tides ebb and flow. The ferry comes and goes. People help each other and great hospitality is shown to visitors. You could observe the same in a dozen Highland ports. It is a bit like life and more particularly how life should be lived.