Old photos

During the holidays we started clearing out the attic. Progress was swift until we came to old photos. They really should carry a health warning along the lines of “looking at old photos can make you emotional.” Memories and feelings that you thought were long buried can very swiftly rear their heads when you look at an old photo. Photos capture a moment in time but they can be inextricably linked to particular longings, regrets and strong feelings.

Even now over 30 years after his death it is hard to look at photos of my father. Photos of my daughters can make me full of regret about mistakes we made many years ago. Photos of those close to us who are now dead can make us cry. Other photos speak eloquently of severed friendships and relationships. Or worst of all they portray happy times in our lives; times we wished that we could recover or re-experience. The danger is that we start to wallow in regrets and thoughts of “If only!”

As we get older it is very important to keep looking forward. There’s nothing wrong with looking back but our focus should be on the days ahead. The past is gone and we can’t change it.

Sorry for the sermon. I haven’t made resolutions for 2014 but I do hope to achieve three things : to drink more water; run 5k under 20 minutes and bag 5 corbetts (hills over 2500 feet) in one day with a good friend.

Have you made any resolutions? I’ve been reading some fantastic ones on other people’s blogs.