A bad run – and a worse dream!

I can safely say that I had one of my worst runs ever on Monday. I knew there was something up even before I started as I didn’t take my watch, wanting to run at an easy pace. The first mile was wretched – at one point a runner shot past me. When I looked up he was all of 12 years old! And it didn’t get any easier. At three separate points I just wanted to stop and walk. Possible explanations? One of the following : the weekend of eating and drinking what I liked. (wouldn’t help but probably not the main reason) the heat? (again not a help but not the primary cause) not being well? (let’s hope that is what it was – I haven’t run since so don’t know yet)

But this blog is not entirely about running so let’s move swiftly on to my dream last night. I was at home when my ex brother-in-law rolled up (literally) in a Rolls. Nothing surprising about the Rolls but having not seen him for over 5 years it was a surprise to see him. The street where I live is used as a short-cut by drivers particularly at rush hour and I was pleased to see that my ex relative was wasting no time in setting up a home-made speed trap on a nearby lamppost. It looked rudimentary but judging by the squeal of brakes it was doing its job. Next thing I knew there was a wailing of sirens and around 6 police cars stopped in the street. This seemed a rather large over-reaction to someone setting up their own private speed trap but it turned out they were looking for a dangerous escaped prisoner and had had a tip-off that he was hiding in our street. There were loads of police searching house to house. I was out on the street watching this when I saw a strange couple come out of my house. I screamed at the police for help but they seemed disinterested. I went into my house and opened a cupboard.(Yes I know why would I do that in the circumstances?!) A vicious looking man grabbed me and held a knife to my throat.

Then I woke up! Not so much a dream, more a nightmare!