Well is there life?

A large part of life is what I classify under the heading “tides and seasons”. Tides come in and ebb out in a regular pattern. Seasons come and seasons go. There is a relentless repetitiveness about day following day. There was a haunting chorus in the John Lennon song Across the Universe : “Nothing’s gonna change my world” that has resonated in my life from time to time. So two questions to start this new stage of life that I find myself in having given up paid employment. Firstly “Is there anything that can change my life?” And secondly :”Have I the courage to try and do something about it?”


2 thoughts on “Well is there life?

  1. I’ve asked myself those very same questions. I’ve come up with answers to question 1 that haven’t materialised, perhaps because of my answer to question 2. Your post might be the reminder I need to have another bash at answering the second question with more courage. Thank you for that, and I hope you can find answers for yourself that satisfy and inspire you.

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