Never easy

Week 4 of marathon training didn’t go so well. I had three runs and in each one I struggled with pace, time, heart-rate and energy levels. When runs don’t go so well you frantically go through in your mind the possible reasons. These include the weather conditions : heat, wind, wet surfaces etc then your own condition. Is there a fitness problem; is there an injury or the start of one; are you eating the right foods; are you over-training or increasing your distance too quickly? Are your running shoes needing replaced; are you worrying about something which is affecting your running; are you thinking negative thoughts or have you generally lost confidence? And there are a number of other possibilities!

After more than a little thought, I’m unsure what the problem is but I refuse to worry about it. It’s only week 4 of 18 and I’m fairly sure it’s nothing physical. On the positive side I’m on page 2 (of 4) of my training schedule and my long run at the start of week 5 was 10 miles and it was a much better run. Where running is concerned there’s a lot of truth in the saying : “You can if you think you can.”


5 thoughts on “Never easy

  1. I ran one last Sunday, swore blind in the last few km’s i would never ever run one again and am now trying to find another one to run. It is not going to be easy, 42,2 km is very, very far but what an awesome feeling when you come through the finish, ok, maybe not as soon as you come through the finish. Enjoy the training.

    • Thanks. Congratulations on finishing the marathon. I did say I would never run another one but here I am. Every time I run 5k competitively I say never again and that lasts about a day. If I train for the marathon properly I know it will be a great experience. All the best for your running.

  2. This is the time in the plan where the extra mileage starts to show, you might just be a bit fatigued. I felt the same last week – the runs were fine but in between times I was absolutely drained. I’m on week 4 as well.

  3. Yeah, I could do with this muggy monsoon season buggering off and giving us a proper summer! Newham 10k on Sunday and it’s supposed to be only 61% humidity, taking that as a win!

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