Loch Rannoch Marathon

It won’t be a great surprise for you to learn that I’ve entered the Loch Rannoch Marathon on October 16. It’s a flattish race running round the loch on quiet roads with lovely scenery.

There are three hurdles to jump before I line up on 16 October.

Firstly I have to get medical approval. I’ve made an appointment for 22 June.

Secondly I have to carry out the required training without getting injured. I’ve started an 18 week training schedule today.

Thirdly I somehow have to overcome the fact that I’ll be on a boat for two weeks in the middle of the training with extremely limited opportunity to exercise!

All that being said I think it’s possible and I certainly look forward to the challenge. I’ll try and post an update once a week.


7 thoughts on “Loch Rannoch Marathon

    • Thanks very much indeed Jenna. It’s quite exciting to have a goal in sight. At least that’s what I’ll be telling myself when I get up at an unearthly hour in the wet to go a long run!

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