Decision making

Is there anything other than suffering which is more difficult for humans than decision making? No wonder lots of different ways of doing it have been invented.  You can toss a coin. You can draw straws. You can ask a friend. You can draw up a list of pros and cons. You can imagine potential outcomes of a certain decision. You can even take a guess. You can do what inwardly you think you want to.

Perhaps the worst thing you can do is postpone a decision indefinitely.

Personally I like the pros and cons method even though if it doesn’t work out the way I want I sometimes follow my heart.

So here are the pros and cons for attempting another marathon :

Pro :

Gives a definite target to aim for

Gets me fit, healthy and positive

Gives me the chance to get a personal best in an event where I think I can

Wonderful sense of achievement if I succeed


Con :

As I get older there are some health risks both in training and the event itself

Training will eat up a lot of time and impact other aspects of life

It’s selfish to do and I need to consider other people in my life


The pros are leading 4-3 and I think that’s the way I’m tending.



4 thoughts on “Decision making

  1. It can be very helpful to list pros and cons, although sometimes you can over-think things. It looks as if you’re on the way to convincing yourself on this particular goal. I think if you start training and feel motivated and positive about it you’ll know you’re going the right thing.

    • Thanks Lorna. You’re right that I’ll only know once the proper training starts. And at least the training will be over the summer and early autumn when the weather shouldn’t be too bad. Not looking forward to those early Sunday morning starts though!

  2. Go with the pros, David! Being fit, healthy and positive, and the sense of achievement, all have a great effect on the other people in your life – it’s not selfish at all, because you spread the positivity! 🙂

    • Thanks Jo. I’d rather have something to train for. I do get grumpy when I can’t have cakes and puddings but I’ll slip the occasional one in as a treat and reward for keeping the training going.

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