The empty tent


There’s an image in my head that I’ve been struggling to let go off. It’s the one above of the empty green tent belonging to two young climbers from Bradford missing on Ben Nevis since Valentine’s Weekend. Rachel Slater and Tim Newton were experienced climbers but no trace of them has been found despite extensive searches. How must it feel for family and friends as day after day passes without any positive news? The hope they are clinging on to getting more fragile with each passing day.

The weather has not been conducive to running but I’ve been keeping to a regular schedule – aiming for at least 50 miles each month. I’m mixing it up with easy runs, tempo runs, interval training and some new routes – not easy when I think I’ve tried every possible combination in the neighbourhood. Much as I would like to record that I’ve reached my target weight, I still have 1 kilo to lose. This time last year I was training for the Alloa Half Marathon and I miss that sort of focus.


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