Random Acts of Kindness

I think most people are familiar with the concept of “random acts of kindness” where a stranger will do something for you or give you something unprompted. It seems that it originated in the States when in 1982 a woman called Anne Herbert wrote on a placemat “practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty”. It came to me today when a Chinese lady walked up to me at the level crossing and thrust some chocolate in my hand. Better still it was Lindt chocolate. I’ve heard of people asking for their bill in a restaurant only to be told that someone  has already settled the bill for them. My aunt went into her handbag to pay for her shopping at Marks and Spencer, realised she had left her purse at home only for the lady in the queue behind her to settle her bill without expecting to get the money back. “Do the same for someone else” she said. Things like these brighten up life and show us we don’t exist just for own selfish ends. There is something about giving and helping out our fellow human beings.

All that being said I’ve been pretty selfish this month so far. I’m trying to keep up a programme of four runs a week while at the same time reducing my food intake. My aim is to run 50 miles each month this year. I’ve lost a little bit of weight but not as much as I would have liked. Next official weigh-in is next week.


2 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. That’s a lovely thing to happen, David! We could all learn from that Chinese lady, and the woman who started it all. Why are you calling yourself selfish? 🙂 Good luck with the runs, it’s been awful weather for it, and you’re doing well to motivate yourself to get outside in this rain and wind.

    • Thanks Jo. Perhaps selfish is the wrong word. A random act of kindness requires a degree of spontaneity which I do possess. Lovely balmy weather here today – ideal for a run but it’s my rest day and I’m sticking to that. Thanks for your good wishes.

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