When the weight goes on

It’s hard to conceive now that in the middle of March this year I had achieved a decent level of fitness. I posted pb’s in 5k and the half marathon. I did relax after that and got into bad habits during the 7 week summer holidays that Edinburgh schools enjoyed. I put weight on (almost 6kg) and exercised less. When I was back in my routine after the holidays I thought the weight would come off but it has proved worryingly resistant and I still need to lose just over 4kg.

So I’ve found my next target which is to lose 4kg. It won’t be easy and I’m not joining a slimming club or doing anything weird or excessive. Somehow I need to eat less, exercise more and drink fewer calories than I have been. I need to reduce sugar intake. Very simple, basic stuff but I’ve been trying unsuccessfully for 6 weeks now. So here’s the plan. I’m going public and to keep me accountable I will weigh myself every fortnight and post it here.

And I’ll try and tell you interesting things about how the process is going.


6 thoughts on “When the weight goes on

  1. Hi there – I noticed the weight started falling off me when I was training for a half-marathon, to the point where people remarked upon it at work. Once I’d done the event and wasn’t running as much – guess what, the weight starting creeping back on – to the point where it was remarked upon at the pub! Good Luck in your progress

    • Thanks Emma – you’re absolutely right and the last time that I was at my fighting weight was when I was training for a half marathon. However I have no long runs on the horizon for some time now so I’ll have to find different strategies!

  2. Good for you, David, that’s brave. I have faith in your ability to shed the weight. You’ve shown yourself to be determined and driven by hard challenges, and this is another one. I think going public will be a great motivator. We’re all rooting for you.

    • Thanks Lorna. I wish I shared your confidence. The last six or seven weeks have been a real struggle – and unsuccessful hence the reason for going public. Thanks for your support!

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