The early start

Sunday means the long run and that in turn means an early start. At least it is light now and this morning there was an extra bonus.
It was so beautiful that it actually made me want to go out and run 13 miles!
A week ago I struggled with the long run, having run the parkrun 5k the day before at full pace so I’m planning on having a break from parkrun until the half marathon is out of the way.

One of the most important considerations during a long run is what you think about. I don’t ever listen to music or podcasts as I like to hear what’s going on around me as I run. The model runners of course focus on their pace, cadence, running technique, posture and breathing. I usually last about ten seconds on those subjects. I try not to think about the pain, the exhaustion, the lack of motivation and the distance still left to run. But to replace it I need to think about something. If I’m feeling positive I think about how much I’m going to enjoy the rest of the day after my long run. I think about the delicious food that I’ll reward myself with. I imagine running the last ten metres of the long run and pretend that it’s nearer than it is. I think about the runner’s “high” that will come as those endorphins are released.

But most of the time I’m thinking about sport. I think about the football and rugby scores, the upcoming matches and try and analyse the league tables in my head. It is a great distraction from the struggle of putting one foot in front of the other. And yesterday I thought of something else. Early on I decided to count how many other runners I saw. Although it was pretty early on a Sunday morning I had seen 18 other runners by the time I completed my run.

I was on holiday last week which does get you slightly out of the training routine but things are still going well running wise and I’m looking forward to the half marathon in just under three weeks time.


4 thoughts on “The early start

  1. What a beautiful start to the day. I like the idea of you analysing league tables in your head as you run. When I’m out walking alone I find it satisfying to try and find solutions to problems. When I’m really involved in thinking something through I can walk a good distance without noticing it, whereas concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other makes it seem a long and wearying process. Well done to you and the other 18 runners out early on a Sunday morning.

    • Thanks Lorna. Good for you sorting out problems while you walk. I think that’s an excellent approach. I find holidays a good time for assessing things and seeking solutions or ways forward. When long distance running I think distraction is the key. I could count sheep if that would help. When I’m at my physical extremity I do count breaths – up to 100 if I’m really toiling

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