Halfway there!

I’m now more than halfway through the training schedule for the Alloa Half Marathon. And it is going ridiculously well. I’m running great times, feeling strong and I feel that I have better fitness than I’ve had for a long time. I actually wish the race was this weekend because I almost feel I’ve peaked already.

So why are things so good? Could it be the fact that I’ve been doing my interval training on hills rather than the flat for the first time ever? Regular readers know how I liken intervals to torture but equally they are the one thing that improves your running times more than anything else. So here is the route I’m doing the intervals on.

I start by running up a hill.


This leads to another hill!


And once you’re on a hill you might as well keep going uphill

Eventually you reach the top and turn right

The bad news is that you are still going uphill for 100 metres
Then you run across a bridge which has the old railway line down below it

This takes you to the start of a level section

Which in turns leads to glorious downhill (you’ve earned it!)

And you keep going down

Another turn and the incline is still in your favour!

In fact you’ve lost so much height that you’re now under the old railway which you were above. The bridge is the railway bridge

You go under the bridge avoiding cars if possible and the finish is at the right turn near the top of the picture

You walk back to the start (2 minutes) then repeat another four times aiming to run each interval slightly quicker than the one before.

Things are so good that I’m thinking of running Edinburgh parkrun 5k on Saturday to get an idea of where I am in terms of speed. I’ll keep you posted!


4 thoughts on “Halfway there!

  1. Woohoo, way to go. I thought you were going to attribute your success to the scone diet (bran at breakfast, cheese at lunch, etc.) but it seems you can make terrific progress even without a scone at every meal time.

    • I’ll be quite honest with you Lorna – I’ve only had one scone in the last week. However I have had home made apple pie, Dundee cake, lemon slice and a slice of bakewell tart. When you’re training hard you are allowed these treats to replace the calories burned. Everything in moderation though!

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