Proper preparation

It’s a long time since I had a proper job but deep in the mists of time I recall a mantra at work along the lines of “proper preparation prevents poor performance” Or was it “proper planning ..”? Well all the planning and preparation in the world didn’t prevent a few calamitous work performances by yours truly but you can apply the mantra to running and it rings truer.

I’ve decided to liken my preparation for the Alloa Half Marathon to a military campaign which I’m going to fight on four fronts. Firstly and most importantly the running programme. Secondly diet. Thirdly exercises to strengthen muscles. And last but not least mental confidence.

So how is it going?

The running itself is great. No sign of the injury recurring. I feel comfortable and the programme I’m following is challenging but possible. It includes two long runs a week so as the distance builds it will be a challenge fitting the second long run into my weekly schedule. The Sunday morning long runs make me think I’m preparing for a marathon but I reassure my tired legs that it is only a half this time round.


Diet is okay but not prefect. Several scones, Aberdeen butteries and sweet desserts have crept past security but I’ve lost my Christmas weight and have not totally lost control. No alcohol until March!

I’ve fallen short on muscle training, stretching, fitness training and strength endurance. I need to build this up. It is not my favourite thing and I avoid gyms like the plague but I need to do more.

Lastly mental confidence. It is too early to pysche myself up for the actual race but I’m building confidence in my running. I’m very happy about that because it is not a natural strength. Each completed run is a step nearer achieving a good performance and hopefully a personal best on 15 March.


7 thoughts on “Proper preparation

  1. It sounds as if you’re preparing well and that’s certainly encouraging news about the lack of injury problems. Scones are very low in fat compared with other cakey items, so presumably not too bad an indulgence. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Lorna. You’ve made my day saying that scones are low in fat. I’ve never recognised that properly although I guess you’re saying that it is relative to the fat in cakes. Just off to get a few of the little beauties. Thanks for the encouragement!

      • Any time, old chap. The standard Be-Ro recipe for scones is 1.5oz fat and 1oz sugar for every 8oz flour, whereas something like a Victoria sponge has equal amounts of fat, flour and sugar. I’m not just saying this because I’m partial to them, but scones really are a healthy option, fat and sugar wise compared with just about any other sweet snack.

      • I think we need to form a Scone Council of North England (SCONE for short) to promote the scone diet. I could see it catching on. You eat a normal balanced diet supplemented with a scone at every meal. Suggestions e.g. bran scone in morning; cheese scone at lunchtime and fruit scone for tea. If hungry at supper time perhaps a plain scone.

    • Thanks Jo. I must put it behind me and I shouldn’t keep harping back to it. There’s a good belated New Year resolution for me. Thanks for the encouragement!

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