Two runs achieved!

I waited 12 days from the last aborted run and tried a very gentle and untimed 5k on Saturday. This was make or break really because if the injury recurred on a short gentle run after almost 2 weeks rest then I was in big trouble in terms of a March half marathon. The good news is that no twinges were experienced either then or today when I ran six miles timed but at slowish pace. So I can start training properly for the half marathon without having missed too much of the programme.

Today was an interesting day to run. It was the sort of morning that I can best describe through invoking the gorgeous black labrador that I take for walks. If I had taken him for a walk this morning he would have got outside his house, stood still and looked around him at the wind, rain and temperature. He would then have looked me straight in the eye and said (he doesn’t need words) “If you think I’m leaving my nice warm bed to go out in this weather then you can think again pal!” But these are the conditions that you need to train in because (heaven forbid) it could be like that on race day. And if it isn’t then you are still prepared. I had one small mishap during the run where rather than run through a huge puddle I veered up the hilly verge to avoid it. It was basically a mud slide under a light covering of grass and I felt my legs go from under me like a deer on ice. Fortunately the ground was soft and only pride was hurt. Next time I’ll do what you should always do and run straight through it. The only time this doesn’t work is when there’s an alligator under the water.


4 thoughts on “Two runs achieved!

  1. Good news, David, and well done on those runs! Especially in the awful weather we’ve had. You deserve a medal. Glad to see you’ve made a quick recovery. I feel as if I haven’t seen sunlight for ages (well, 6 days at least!) and will be very glad to see the sun again, sooner rather than later.

    • Thanks Jo. It has been bitterly cold here and pretty windy too. No snow yet although it may come sometime this week. There was the odd glint of sunshine here yesterday between heavy showers but very weak and short-lived!

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