The best laid plans!

Well I hope that you had a peaceful and restful festive period. And that 2015 is a great year for you.

Christmas and New year always results in a weight gain for me but I was happy that this year it only amounted to a kilo and a half. Rarely have so few mincemeat pies been consumed and the absence of a home-made Christmas cake was a definite factor in the modest weight gain. The start of January sees a flood of health and fitness campaigns, often linked to charitable giving. So there is Dryathon (no alcohol in January); Janathon (specific fitness and training commitments) ; Jantastic (even more fitness and running) and a host of others. I managed to resist committing to any of these but I did download a ten week training programme to see me at the starting line of the Alloa Half Marathon in as healthy and fit condition as my advanced years permit.

But as we all know – the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley. Before Christmas I was experiencing tightness in my calf muscle when running. I left it a week without running then tried an easy 5k about ten days ago. After just 2k the pain started up again and I foolishly kept going because it wasn’t unbearably sore and I was at the furthest point from home and didn’t want a long walk home. Let’s just say that a good piece of running advice is – if something is hurting when you’re running, then it’s a pretty sensible thing to stop running. I haven’t tried running since even though my training programme should have started this Monday. Missing a week of the programme is potentially less of a problem than  not getting rid of this injury.

The Alloa Half Marathon is capped at 2200 runners and yesterday we were told that there are less than 400 places left. It will probably be full by the end of the week. So if you want to join me you need to enter now! And if I can’t take my place I can always offer it to someone else.


4 thoughts on “The best laid plans!

  1. Good luck with the injury healing quickly, hoping you can get back up and running for your training schedule very soon! Well done on the mince pie front. I think if it wasn’t so dreadfully dark at midwinter we wouldn’t all need to eat so much. That is my theory!

    • Thanks Jo. All being well I’m going to try a gentle run tomorrow – if the gales have moved on! That’s an interesting theory about why we eat so much being related to the short daylight. There could be something in that although I find I can overeat at almost any time of year.

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