There’s a new year coming!

It would be fair to say that 2014 was not my finest year. A number of people close to me went through and are going through considerable difficulties. There were personal failures and disappointments. And the occasional bit of good news to balance things out.

In running terms my single goal this year was to break 20 minutes for 5k. I didn’t foresee that being a problem at all. But it didn’t happen and in fact I was never close to it. So I’m drawing a veil over 2014 and looking forward to 2015 which is going to be a great year. And my first act was to enter the Alloa Half Marathon in March 2015. This is a fantastic race which only needs dry weather and no wind! After December over-indulgence it will give me a target to aim at from 1 January. I will need to lose weight, build fitness and train intelligently. It is only 10 weeks so I will need to be dedicated and determined. But 10 weeks is manageable and I’m almost looking forward to the discipline and hard work. When I bored everyone stupid with my diary of the training for a full marathon in 2013 I trained for 20 weeks. It wasn’t easy but I was happy when I was training hard.

I ran the Alloa Half Marathon in 2013 so I know the course and I think I can come close to the time I ran then. And the real bonus is that training for a half marathon will help my 5k times as well. In March or more likely April I should be in a position to have a decent attempt at breaking the 20 minutes barrier. The important thing will be to avoid injury and part of the sacrifice will be giving up five a side football for a few months. Ah well – good things never come easily.

I hope that 2014 has been a good year for you. I wish you a Happy Christmas and all the very best for a great year in 2015!


4 thoughts on “There’s a new year coming!

  1. The very best to you, too, David, and hoping that 2015 is a better and happier year for you. That’s great news about the Alloa half-marathon, I’m looking forward to hearing about your training progress. Meanwhile, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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