Half year report

“Could do better!”

I used to hate it when I got those words on school reports even though it was sometimes true. And certainly my running report for the first half of 2014 would have to read the same.

I started the year with the sole aim of breaking 20 minutes for 5k and my best time this year is 25 seconds outside that. It is disappointing to say the least. And the worst thing is that I don’t know what is wrong other than that age is catching up on me! It is the school holidays now and I haven’t been training properly for a month. I’m going to restart training after the holidays and have another push in August, September when running conditions are often favourable. I’ve been enjoying volunteering at parkrun and I’ve acted as pacer a couple of times which is both enjoyable and fulfilling as you see others strive for and reach their personal goals.

More generally here in Scotland people are getting excited about two things. Firstly the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow starting on 23 July and secondly the referendum on 18 September when the question will be “Do you think Scotland should be an independent country?” Not an easy question to answer when people I admire and respect greatly are lined up on opposite sides of the argument.


6 thoughts on “Half year report

  1. I completely agree that there’s certainly a buzz in the air this summer in Scotland… let’s hope everything will work out for the best! As for the running, I think we all have “down times” sometimes – be they because we don’t train so much or just periods when things just don’t quite shape up the way we want them to, almost inexplicably so. However, over the course of the last 11 years of running, I have come to realise that there are highs and lows just like with everything else in life. I’m sure that a sub 20 minute 5k is within reach… 😉

  2. Thanks very much indeed for the encouragement. I’m sure you’re right about the highs and lows. Even in the last week I’ve been thinking more positively about running and looking forward to regaining the fitness levels I had at the end of last year. But a fair bit of hard work lies ahead!
    Enjoy your running!

  3. My training has been 2nd rate at best since Boston. But I have set 4 PRs since then. I’m beginning to think that rest is one of the most important aspects of training.
    Maybe try putting your feet up with a bag of ice or peas on what ever muscle is bothering you, and call that part of your training plan?
    Cheers – Andy

    • Thanks Andy! I have been resting and enjoying it! But I appreciate the encouragement. Well done on your 4 PRs. I’m sure I’ll get back into training when the time is right.

  4. Hi David, I hope you get back on track in terms of your goal – forget about your school reports! I’m pretty sure the teachers who always wrote that comment could have done better too! Just never give up! 🙂

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