Edinburgh Marathon

The marathon season is in full swing. And this week it is the turn of Edinburgh. Even if you’re not a runner then if you live in Edinburgh you might have been wondering what on earth has been getting folk up at ungodly hours of the day and in every type of horrible weather to go out running. Yes marathon training. This year I’m spectating not running but I still remember the dual feelings of intense anticipation and major panic that I was experiencing in the lead up to the marathon this time last year. I know quite a few folk running the Edinburgh marathon this year so I’m looking forward to cheering them on. For them the training and preparation is over. All they need is some decent weather and the mental strength to keep going. Because as they see that wonderful finish line you can be sure that there will be hundreds of people cheering them on
I’ll try and take some photos on Sunday so that you can experience a little bit of this year’s Edinburgh Marathon.


4 thoughts on “Edinburgh Marathon

  1. It must be nice to be amongst the spectators, knowing that you’ve already completed a marathon yourself…or is there a little bit of you that wishes you were running this year?

  2. You’re right Lorna – I’ve got both feelings waging war against each other. Part of me would love to be running it again but it’s impossible when you haven’t done the training.

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