A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I was back at Edinburgh parkrun for my weekly 5k last Saturday. The conditions were great – hardly any wind to speak of. I’d done my training; I’d done my exercises and I hadn’t eaten to excess before the day. So all that was lacking was mental strength and confidence. And I was sadly aware of this even as I lined up for the start. I was three or four rows back which said something about my confidence levels and motivation. At the halfway stage of the run the guy in front of me turned and asked me the time I had on my stopwatch. Now talking during a 5k is a no no for me. If I can talk I’m not running hard enough. But I spluttered out “10 minutes 12 seconds.” He said “are you looking to run under 20 minutes?” Am I ever I thought to myself. But the words that came out were “yes but I won’t be doing it today.” So there you are. That’s why I didn’t achieve my goal in perfect running conditions. I didn’t have my mind in gear. I finished miserably in 20 minutes 24 seconds – not even close to my goal.

It’s school holidays here and I have my favourite dog staying with me for two weeks.
On Monday I took him out a run which would have been extremely comical if anyone had been filming it. The dog clearly didn’t want to run but was too polite to tell me. So every now and again he would stop or divert his route into the side of the track we were running. I would be brought to a sudden halt or pulled off my route whereupon the dog would look at me rather apologetically but letting me know in no uncertain terms who the boss was. So the long and the short of it is no running for two weeks while I enjoy the dog and my holiday and hopefully I will return to it with a fresh focus and determination.

But I have been playing five a side football again so I am getting some exercise. The guys are good and much younger than I am so its a good discipline just trying not to embarrass myself. I’ve had two injuries so far – a scraped elbow the first week when I took on the wall of the sports hall and the wall won. This week I staved my index finger when I was playing in goals. It has been extremely painful all week and I hope I never do that again.


8 thoughts on “A little bit of this and a little bit of that

  1. What an awfy nice doggie, but has it eaten your bathmat? I can’t help thinking that ‘finishing miserably’ at 24 seconds over 20 minutes seems rather a harsh summing up, but I suppose every second counts. I’m sure you’ll do it one day, when everything feels right. I’m convinced of it.

  2. He’s an awful nice doggie. That is his bathmat and by far and away his most treasured possession. It’s now threadbare and torn but nothing will separate him from it!

  3. Thanks Jeremy. I’m severely lacking the belief that I can break my pb at the moment. Too many scones and cakes. Back in proper training hopefully from next Monday.

  4. David, I echo Lorna completely in that 24 seconds over your goal of 20 minutes doesn’t sound like something to beat yourself up for! But you KNOW that you will do it. You are just torturing yourself. No more ‘expecting not to achieve your goals’. Go for them!! 🙂 Cute dog, by the way!

  5. Thanks for the encouragement Jo. He is a cute dog and more importantly extremely well-behaved. He and I aim to run parkrun together today. It should prove interesting given that he likes to stop and sniff things every few yards!

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