Disappointing 5k at Edinburgh parkrun

Life is filled with disappointment. These range from large to small. My failure to secure a ticket for the One Direction concert in Edinburgh is a small disappointment. The failure of my football team to win the Scottish Premier League by losing at Dundee on the last day of the season in 1986 was a large one. Almost 30 years later the pain is still there. My 5k run last Saturday was a disappointment but one I can live with.

I turned up for parkrun feeling reasonably optimistic. I had trained; I felt reasonably fit and it wasn’t a bad day for running. Quite early on I realised it wasn’t going to be my day. After you run for a while you recognise the signs. You try to move up a gear but you can’t. Your confidence ebbs; your head goes down. Just keeping going is a struggle. I staggered over the finishing line 48 seconds outside my personal best. That’s a huge failure and only now five days later can I bear to consider what went wrong.

I’m hoping it was because I wasn’t feeling 100% on the day. On Friday I fuelled for the run by consuming a cheese scone, garlic bread, a huge pizza topped off with apple crumble and ice cream. (It was a chicken pizza and the crumble was separate. But apple crumble and ice cream pizza does sound rather appealing) Plenty carbs but probably not quite the rocket fuel I needed. After the meal I felt ropey and didn’t sleep terribly well. So hopefully that was the problem and the solution is to eat rather more sparingly and sensibly this week.

The weather has been fantastic for running this week.


8 thoughts on “Disappointing 5k at Edinburgh parkrun

  1. It’s how you handle failures that makes all the difference. There’s every chance of success on another occasion, and each experience can be used to learn something. I’m reading a book at the moment about mindsets, and how the mindset you have determines the outcomes you’ll get. The fact that you’re thinking about your diet, how you were feeling on the day and your lack of sleep suggests that you accept that under different circumstances you might well have achieved a pb. Keep on believing!

    • Thanks Lorna. I’m sure you’re right – I just need to develop a more positive mindset. Particularly during a race when my confidence dips and I get doubts about my ability to achieve. It’s not easy I can assure you! But thanks for the encouragement!


  2. 48 seconds more than your PR doesn’t sound so bad… sure it wasn’t your best race, but still.
    I bet that food didn’t help at all, sure carbs, but way too heavy.. I could not move fast after that.

    • Thanks very much. You’re absolutely right about the food – we had arranged to go out with friends for dinner and I knew I wouldn’t be eating what I should. But I’ll learn from it and move on!

  3. I think you’ve solved this via your earlier commenters and replies! Don’t be too hard on yourself, David – put it behind you and know you’ll do better next time!

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