A news story you may have missed

Now we know that the pace of life is a bit slower in the Highlands and Islands than in the rest of Britain but I was amused to read last week that after two years council officials in Lewis served an enforcement notice on a lady in Back who had “stabled” her pony in the living room. I’ve heard of pampering your pets but this seems a step too far. And I’ve heard of moving ornaments a bit higher when children are visiting but honestly – a pony in your living room? But this is no ordinary pony. This one rejoices in the name of Grey Lady Too. And she is a lady because the report concluded with the phrase : “It is understood the pony offered no resistance when she was led away by officials.”

In other news a football manager has been charged with “improper conduct” for headbutting an opposition player. Note that he wasn’t charged with bringing the game into disrepute.

And all this while police in Edinburgh are hunting a robber who left the Royal Bank in Corstorphine and had a taxi waiting. Presumably he said to the taxi driver – “wait a couple of minutes while I go and withdraw some cash.”

The temperature is rising here so I’ve been out running and continuing to train. I hope to run Edinburgh parkrun 5k this Saturday for the first time this year. Part of me can’t wait but part of me is strangely nervous!


7 thoughts on “A news story you may have missed

  1. I remember hearing that story about the pony in the livingroom, quite astonishing. It would have been interesting to be a fly on the taxi window when that robber got in with his loot. I wonder what he said to the driver, I like to think it was a corny cliche from a bad movie. Good luck with your run, I hope the sun shines on your first parkrun of the new year.

    • Thanks Lorna. Hopefully the taxi driver got a decent tip. Thanks for the good wishes for parkrun. It would be great if it wasn’t too windy.

  2. I’m sure it has been very stormy in the Outer Hebrides just recently, and the pony was very glad of some shelter! That reminds me – I can’t remember where I saw it – a report that a teacher (female) had overpowered a guy who had been trying to break into a primary school in Orkney (I think it was Orkney anyway) – she pinned him to the ground and then secured him to a fence post with cable ties, to await the arrival of the police. She has my admiration!

    • I chuckled imagining the pony stretched out on the three-piece setee. You’re right – they have had some wild weather in the north west. I didn’t hear about the Orkney school teacher, but she does sound like a force to be reckoned with. Thanks too for the good wishes for parkrun. I’ll try and do my best.

  3. Thank you. Best use of a living room I ever saw in the Highlands was a good number of years ago in Skye where an enterprising local turned their living room into a cafe for the tourist season. You wouldn’t be allowed to do that but we had a wonderful spread at a very reasonable price.

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