Positive thinking required!

Here are three random things that I have learned in life :
If it sounds too good to be true then trust me it is too good to be true.
Never trust a politician when an election is looming
If a sports tournament is billed as gentle and relaxed then you can be sure that it will be ridiculously cut-throat and over-competitive.

But what about the saying : You can if you think you can. Well there is some truth in that but not the whole truth. My running goal this year is very straightforward. I want to take two measly seconds off my 5k personal best. So why has it not happened already and why is my stupid head trying to tell me that I can’t do it?

I can answer the first question easily. I lost fitness and put weight on over Christmas. Since Christmas the weather has not been conducive to fast running. I haven’t even run a competitive 5k this year. I have been training but I was on holiday last week and I can feel the weight gain round my waist.

So why is my head telling me I can’t do it? Well firstly because I was pretty fit when I set my last pb. I don’t think I’m near that. Secondly breaking 20 minutes is a psychological barrier. It will be very demanding physically and I’m not sure I’m prepared to give that amount of effort and fail again. I’ve been enjoying volunteering at parkrun and to be honest I’ve been turning up so relieved that I don’t actually have to run.

My plan was to lose weight, train hard, wait for a wind-free Saturday then turn up at parkrun and break 20 minutes first attempt. I certainly don’t want to turn up, run flat out and run 20.05. But now I’m thinking I need to do a run just to see where I am in terms of fitness and time. I’m trying to work on upper body strength and to build up the interval training. These are the key things.

The first Saturday I can do run parkrun is a week on Saturday. I might try for that. If I think I can!


10 thoughts on “Positive thinking required!

  1. I was saying your first point to my dad just the other day, regarding a job advert in the local paper that was promising great riches for the right person. I agree that there’s some truth in the idea that you can if you think you can. I’ve heard lots of successful people, from all walks of life, say is that if you really want to achieve something you’ll find a way of doing it. I like the idea of that because it gives me hope and the courage to believe that my dreams are possible, but putting it into practice is quite another thing. It often requires constant determination, as in your case with the 5k time, and the refusal to give up, despite any obstacles. I feel convinced that you can achieve your goal, because I witnessed your amazing feat last year with the marathon. At various points in the lead up to it you had serious doubts about your ability to pull it off, but you have a very determined streak. I would be surprised if 2014 ends with you not having done what you’ve set out to do, and dreamed up another goal to replace it with.

    • Thanks Lorna. I’m going by the fact that history shows us that human beings are capable of doing amazing things through dogged determination, extreme perseverance and outstanding resolve. You’re right though – it does require hope and the ability to keep going when you’re not clear how to put in practice what needs to be done to reach the goal. These “marking time” periods are perhaps merely milestones on the way that have to be passed. Let’s hold on to that anyway!

  2. I agree with you about politicians and dodgy-looking job adverts! However, I do believe that we can achieve our goals and dreams if we believe we can… the emphasis is on believing, without a trace of doubt! I saw a video of an interview with the actor Will Smith on YouTube, and he has a strong philosophy about this – so do lots of other actors and celebrities. Anyway, I hope that you achieve your goals this year, and I look forward to reading about your progress!

    • Thanks Jo.I haven’t had time to check out the Will Smith interview yet but I’m sure you’re right. I’m sure we can believe in the ability to do the things we want to achieve but I guess I open myself up to doubts too often. To some extent it is due to past failures and my personality type but I think the way forward is to fight these things and tackle them head on. That is not easy but the payback of achieving targets and goals make it worth it.

      • You’re absolutely right, David! If you want to, I recommend you to look at the video called ‘Will Smith shares his secrets of success’ – it’s about 10 minutes long. It is eye-opening!

      • Thanks Jo. I’ve watched the Will Smith video now. Powerful stuff and thanks for drawing my attention to it. I liked the bit : Confucious says the man who says he can’t and the man who says he can will both end up being right!


    • Well I apologies for hurting your feelings and I am aware that some politicians are more trustworthy than others. However in the lead-up to this blessed referendum it does seem at times that one side is saying one thing just for the other side to come along and say the opposite. I’m still firmly in the middle of the fence!


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