What I love about running blogs

This one is mainly about running so non-runners check back another time!

One of the most important things in training for my marathon was reading running blogs. I still spend obscene amounts of time reading running blogs and I love them. Firstly I love the variety. For some folk running is the only thing in life that matters. Non-runners might term them obsessive. But I love the passion and intensity of their running which spills over into their blogging. Others run as a hobby and their blog covers other areas and interests of their lives. And there’s everything in between the two extremes!
Secondly I love the honesty and humour. I don’t know why it is but we runners are an honest breed. We share our struggles, our failures, our disappointments and our dashed hopes. And most of the time we do it in good spirit and with humour because when we get knocked down we get up again. And my goodness we know how to laugh at ourselves.
Thirdly I love photos of where folk train and run. There are some beautiful places to run out there! But best of all are race reports. And the more detail in a race report the better. I want to hear as much as possible; your preparations; before the race; how you were feeling at each stage; the thoughts that went through your mind; the things that spurred you on and kept you going.
Fourthly there are the blogs that give you ideas of things to try – diet, hydration, equipment, gadgets etc etc. I don’t want it to be too technical or complicated but a little goes a long way.

I haven’t run competitively since 21 December but I am still training. This is my least favorite time of the year for running. It is dark, cold, slippy and my weight is high. My aim is to lose the Christmas weight then slowly build up my training again. I was encouraged by my first set of interval training in 2014 yesterday. I’m not where I was last November but I’m not as far away from it as I feared!

I want to leave you with an inspirational quote I read recently on a running blog I follow :
“When I do the best I can with what I have, then I have won my race.” Jay Foonberg quoted here


4 thoughts on “What I love about running blogs

  1. I like your philosophy and I also like the quote at the end – that is very true. In a way, I think we all turn into dormice in the winter, and the further north we are the more pronounced the effect! Well done on your training so far – it can’t be easy, with all the endless wind and rain we’re having.

    • Thanks Jo. It has been an unusual winter. Surprisingly mild at times but devastatingly wet particularly in south west England. When I’m out dogwalking the ground seems to have been soft and muddy for ages. Roll on the long days and better weather!


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