100 up and Christmas cake report!

On 21 December I ran my 100th Edinburgh parkrun 5k. Here I am looking excited or nervous just before the start.
It was a windy day so much as I would have loved to break 20 minutes and run a pb on my hundreth run it just wasn’t ever going to happen. Here are the frontrunners setting off. I’m about three rows back!
The only photo of me actually running is this one which is a bit blurred. Must speak to my photographer (daughter number 1)
She did a bit better with the traditional post run photo where I’m either looking relieved or slightly disappointed that my time was only 20:41.
Looking back now I’m very happy that I’ve done the 100 runs and that the extra training and exercise that I did particularly in the last two months brought me close to 20 minutes and a couple of personal bests. I’m now going to rest and not run competitively for a couple of months. My goal in the new year is to lose weight, eat healthily and build up the training to the point where I can actually run sub 20. I do think it is possible.

But far too much about me. Talking about healthy eating here’s our Christmas cake.
Before you think that I’ve been baking we won the cake in a raffle before soaking it with sherry and covering with apricot jam, marzipan and icing. I was involved in this part because the apricot jam lid wouldn’t open and I was able to do that. The cake when cut and consumed was a bit disappointing.
The sherry only penetrated half the cake and the fruit wasn’t as rich as I had hoped. It was in fact a bit dry. But it didn’t stop me eating about 12 generous pieces of it over Christmas.


4 thoughts on “100 up and Christmas cake report!

    • Thanks Lorna. An aunt who rather tragically has slipped this mortal coil used to make us a Christmas cake every year which was superb in every respect. Nothing since then has come close to the moistness and richness of her cakes.


  1. Well done on your 100th park run, David! That is a great achievement. Obviously you were running way too fast for the camera to capture you in the third pic! 🙂 I am sorry that the cake turned out to be a bit dry, though the decoration looked lovely, as Lorna says. If you’ve never tried baking one, I can totally recommend it – it’s VERY easy and very worthwhile!

    • Thanks Jo. Nothing worse than dry fruit cake. It’s kind of you to say that I could make my own but I lack confidence. And the problem is that when the time approaches for making Christmas cake I always seem to be busy doing something else. But it might be a project for Christmas 2014!


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