Running in the news – and a couple of news items you may have missed

The big news last weekend was that the Kenyan athlete Wilson Kipsong broke the World Marathon record by completing the Berlin Marathon in 2 hours 3 minutes and 23 seconds. This beat the existing record by 15 seconds and had people (including the now legendary British athlete Mo Farah) wondering if the impossible was perhaps possible. I mean going under 2 hours for the marathon. It’s a huge ask though and I can’t see it happening for quite some time.
Then this weekend there was a lot of publicity for the Great Scottish Run in Glasgow. The half marathon was won at a canter by the amazing Ethiopian Haile Gebrselasse while thousands of runners followed him home at a more sedate pace. Well done to all the runners.
My own running is going quite well. I managed a pb at Edinburgh parkrun 5k just over a week ago, probably on the back of the 10k training but it was also a glorious morning for running – not a breath of wind and lovely temperature.

Two items of news from the BBC news site that you may have missed. Firstly a few weeks ago it came out that the US almost nuked North Carolina in 1961. Only a final layer of incompetency managed to prevent it. And a wedding in England was delayed when the owl carrying the rings fell asleep in the roof of the church where the ceremony was taking place. Shows what you get for working with birds, children and animals. And talking about animals I have to finish with the news item that hasn’t appeared. Yes the longest pregnancy in panda history. Edinburgh Zoo are sticking to their story about Tian Tian showing all the signs of pregnancy. If she does produce a cub now it will be almost ready to start school when it is born. I’m not holding my breath though.


4 thoughts on “Running in the news – and a couple of news items you may have missed

  1. I keep wondering when they’re going to give up on the Panda pregnancy theory, but I suppose they’ll hold out for as long as possible because it would be such a let down after all this hype. Well done on your pb, that’s great news!

    • Thanks Lorna. They’re still stringing the panda pregnancy story along today I see. Bet the pandas having a few chuckles about it all.


  2. Congratulations on your running achievements – well done! I didn’t know about those world records being broken, but it does make you wonder what people can achieve when they believe it’s possible. As for the panda, when did pandas ever co-operate with anything or anyone?! I did hear about the owl that wouldn’t give up the wedding rings – I think Verity told me – it’s one of their worst nightmare scenarios as wedding photographers!

    • Thanks Jo. I hadn’t thought about the poor wedding photographers. There is so much that can go wrong at a wedding without inviting trouble by arranging ring-bearing owls or flocks of white doves come to think of it. Must be a stressful job being a photographer. I had a nightmare once where I was the wedding photographer and the pictures were a total disaster!


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