Scottish Gas 10k report

Apologies for the lack of pictures accompanying this report. Through an extraordinary series of events my photographer, driver, trainer, nutrition expert, running coach, fan club and cheerleader were all unavailable – she had a more pressing engagement. It was a warm, dry morning (17 degrees) and the only fly in the ointment was a 16mph westerly wind. This wind had been forecast all week and it did demoralise me a bit as I knew half the route would be running into it and my experience from the weekly parkrun 5k is that anything over a 10mph wind adversely affects my running time.

There was a good turn out for this event – about 500 runners – most doing the 10k but a good number running 5k. We shared the start and the first few k until the 5k runners veered off to the left for the return. I started strongly – too strongly as it would turn out. Although I was running into the wind from the 1k marker I ran it at 5k pace through a combination of inexperience at 10k level and utter stupidity. My time at 5k was 21 minutes 40 seconds and I told myself just one more k into the wind then you can coast home with the wind behind you. But the first 5k had taken too much out of me and when I turned for home my energy levels were low, even with the wind behind me. Try as I might I could not sustain the pace I wanted. Just after the 6k point I passed a prostate runner lying at the side of the route being attended to by a couple of anxious looking fellow runners (I learned later that she was out cold for 4 minutes but had come round and recovered by the time the ambulance arrived) I tried to push on but the legs weren’t obeying. From the 7k sign to the 8k sign seemed to take forever – so much so that I started to think that I had missed the 8k marker. At 9k there was a significant hill – not what you want at that stage of the race. Worse still when I thought the hill was over there was one final uphill twist. By this stage I was just trying to keep going. There was no-one around me to push me on and I was lacking motivation and focus. Finally the finish gantry appeared in the distance and I summoned up one last tame effort. I crossed the line in 44 minutes 22 seconds – under my target time of 45 minutes but having run a poor race in terms of pacing and performance.


12 thoughts on “Scottish Gas 10k report

  1. Goodness, but you finished, and in less than your target time!! Reading your report, I was fearing that you were going to say that you had collapsed, or given up at the 6k mark which would still have been respectable!! In those conditions, and with the start that you had (pacing etc), it sounds as if you did very well indeed. I’m wondering if it is a good idea anyway to share a start with runners who are running half the distance – even though you know, it must be hard not to try to keep pace with them.

    • Thanks Jo. It is unusual for a 5k and 10k to start together but there were no pile-ups. Just a lot of congestion and elbowing at the first corner. I am happy with my time even if it didn’t sound like it in the report. Clearly it is not my best distance so I just accept that and move on.


  2. That’s a good point Jo’s made about sharing the start line with 5k runners. It seems cruel to make the route include an uphill section near the end and then another little uphill twist before the finish. I think you did brilliantly though, despite your disappointment in the way you ran it. To get under the 45 minute mark sounds like a great success to me. Well done!

    • Thanks Lorna. I am happy with the time, just disappointed that I didn’t pace it very well. When we’re young we think we’re invincible. When you’re old like me you discover that you’re not.


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