First squash match report!

I finally played my first competitive squash match last night. I knew it was coming sometime but as my opponent was responsible for booking the court I didn’t know when. I did have eight hours warning – not enough unfortunately to prevent my 10 mile training run yesterday morning but that was no excuse for what followed!

In competitive sport there are a number of ways you can lose. The game can be closely competed and there is little between the two players. Well it wasn’t like that. It can be one-sided where one opponent is clearly stronger. It wasn’t even like that. It can be a total mismatch where one player thrashes the other. Yes it was like that and believe me I was the one getting thrashed! The scores were 9-0, 9-2, 9-2. Because we finished early we played two further games which my opponent won 9-4, 9-7 (he was slacking off by then and giving me points) Clearly my squash has a long way to go. I need to learn to serve; I need to learn dos and donts; I need to learn the absolute basics to be honest. I struggled with not facing my opponent; I struggled with the different heights and walls that come into play and at times I struggled just to return the ball. So it wasn’t pretty and I have a long journey to make. And clearly I need to learn how to hold the racket and play strokes because my right forearm is killing me this morning. So much so that I am lifting my mug of tea with my left hand!

On a more positive note, I’m starting to look forward to the 10k on Sunday. My training has gone well despite the fact that my weight remains stubbornly high. The long run yesterday was to build stamina and confidence. I’ll do two more sessions of interval training, probably today and tomorrow before resting for 2 days before the run. I’m confident of going under 45 minutes but I’m certainly not taking it for granted either.


4 thoughts on “First squash match report!

  1. For your first match that doesn’t sound too dismal to me, especially at the end when you gained more points. I take it your opponent is a seasoned squash player? In which case it’s unfair to compare yourself with him. I can just imagine the ache in your arm! It’ll get easier the more you play though, if you can face going back, which I hope you can. The running sounds as if it’s going well, certainly. I admire the way you take on these physical challenges, most of us think about these kinds of things from time to time but then shy away from actually following through. You are an inspiration to us all!

    • Thanks Lorna. You’re far too kind. I was genuinely well beaten at squash but I’m not giving up just yet! However it was a pretty unpromising start. Have just completed my last training run before Sunday’s 10k run so I have the bliss of two days rest ahead.


  2. I would have said that running the 10K was more than an excuse for what followed! You are too hard on yourself! But everyone has to start somewhere, even Olympic champions, and I admire your determination and honesty. I know from reading your pre-marathon blog that you won’t let this stop you for long!

    • Thanks Jo. I’m almost looking forward to Sunday now and the 10k. There is a fairly strong wind forecast which will be bad news running into it and good news with it behind us. All I need to do now is lay off the scones and cakes until Sunday lunchtime!


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