News items courtesy of the BBC

I must confess to spending far too much time perusing the BBC News website. But in my defence it is a treasure trove of information about news, sport, current affairs and sometimes the absolutely bizarre. I treasure the last mentioned category and in the last couple of days I have been rewarded with four stories which I simply have to pass on to you – without comment of course.

A 57 year old man from Forfar in Scotland has been diagnosed with a medical condition called “Chronic Lateness.” Predictably he was late for the appointment at which he was notified of this.

Two British tourists could be trapped in China for up to a year following their arrest for “disturbing the peace.” The arrests followed an argument over a pair of slippers in a shop.

A Leeds man is turning cold calls into profit by making marketing companies use his premium-rate number.

The perils of manufacturing road signs in two languages was demonstrated by red-faced officials in Swansea Council. They sent a request to the translator and made the sign up with the reply they received. Unfortunately the Welsh reads “I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated.”

I am continuing to train for the 10k between sessions perusing BBC News. I’ve managed to run my four sessions this week quicker than the corresponding ones last week. I’ve got a slight pain in my side. I’m not sure if it has been caused by over-intensive training or by laughing too much at some of the BBC News items.


4 thoughts on “News items courtesy of the BBC

  1. Wonderful! Good old Auntie Beeb. I heard about the Leeds man on the radio today, what a brilliant scam. Reading the BBC News website sounds like the ideal restorative to all that running, apart from the possible stitch-inducing problem.

    • I must admit we seem to get more unsolicited phone calls than cold callers at the door. I expect the dobermann down the road may have something to do with that. The owners seem to keep him hungry specifically for that purpose.


  2. 🙂 The man from Leeds has certainly got some initiative! I love the Welsh sign story, I have a feeling I have heard something similar before… maybe it happens quite often! The Chinese incident just goes to show how much you should respect the customs and manners of the country you’re visiting, although having an argument in a shoe shop isn’t acceptable anywhere, really! A very entertaining collection!

    • Thanks Jo. Funnily enough there doesn’t appear (to my untrained eye) to be an issue with road signs up north in Gaelic and English. The bilingual locals must be on top of that one.


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