Nothing in life is easy

But some things are harder than others. At this time of year Edinburgh doubles in population as visitors arrive for the annual Edinburgh Festival and Fringe Festival. One of the Fringe shows caught my eye : “26 marathons in 26 days.” The detail brought tears to my eyes. Every morning an amazing woman called Vicki Weitz runs from the gates of Holyrood Palace up the Royal Mile to the Castle Esplanade (a height gain of 465 feet!) and back down again. She does this 13 times and is doing it 26 days in a row! Today is Day 20 and she’s still going strong. What an amazing woman. Read more about it here
Unsurprisingly this caught the eyes of the parkrunners and on Sunday morning at the ungodly hour of 7am a bleary-eyed group of us met up with Vicki to join her. I managed 7 laps (i.e. 14 miles) before giving up and I have to say what she is doing represents an amazing feat of strength, stamina, determination and mental fortitude. I’ll let you know in due course if she completes the 26.

Yes I know I’m meant to be training for a 10k and running 14 miles up a prolonged steep hill then down again is not exactly in the training schedule I had set myself but it was worth it to see what an individual can physically achieve. My weigh-in this week revealed that I’m still putting on weight post-holiday so the regime and training will need to be stricter this week. But seeing what Vicki is achieving will definitely be a spur and an encouragement.


4 thoughts on “Nothing in life is easy

  1. Wow, what an inspiration – she has my respect! I think you did well to manage 7 laps, and I can appreciate how steep the route is. I’m pretty sure I’d never make it up the hill the first time (although the route itself is very interesting!)

    • Thanks Jo. What I really admire is that she is going out day after day after day doing this. I can still feel my calf muscles complaining having done just half a marathon one day with her!


    • Thanks Lorna. She is a very focussed and determined person. Not to mention exceptionally strong and with amazing reserves of stamina and strength. Proves actually that women are the stronger sex!


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