Guilty as charged my lord!

I’ve not been writing this blog for a while and here’s the reason why.
This gorgeous dog came to stay with us for his holidays. In his mouth is his most treasured possession – his bath mat. I spent a lot of time catering to his lordship’s every need and in return he contributed to the work of the household. One evening he heard me say that I must remember to put the rubbish out and he saved me the trouble by doing it himself.
Despite that minor misunderstanding he really is the most gorgeous dog and I’m so lucky that his owner trusts me with him.

But to less important things. Since completing the marathon I’ve been in denial about needing a new physical challenge. I thought it was taking up squash but I haven’t even started playing and won’t it appears until September at the earliest. So when I heard about a flattish course 10k coming up in Edinburgh on 22 September I had my application in quicker than a ferret up a trouser leg (don’t try this at home) So I have my next challenge – to run a sub 45 minute 10k. It should be possible. My one previous 10k on a very uphill course ended in 45 minutes 5 seconds. How annoying that was. Admittedly it was 2 years ago when I was younger and fitter but I can work towards this run knowing that it is theoretically possible. It is just under 6 weeks away and I’ve found a 6 week 10k training schedule which I aim to use. I’m disappointed that I’ve given in to the temptation to try another challenge so quickly and have very little to say in mitigation. I’m pleading guilty and hoping for a merciful judge.


4 thoughts on “Guilty as charged my lord!

  1. Well done! Don’t start apologising! Glad to hear that you’ve taken on another challenge! The puppy is adorable by the way – but that is a lot of clearing up to do!

    • Thanks Jo. The “puppy” is almost four years old but it is unclear from the photo. Also he’s small for his breed as his owner feeds him carefully. He had the good grace to look ever so slightly guilty as I got down on my hands and knees to clear up the disgusting mess that he had created. Lucky my wife didn’t discover it before me or I hate to think what she might have done to the poor brute!


  2. What an awfy nice doggie (if not a very nice mess). I think your new challenge is a great idea, something to fill in time till you start the squash. How did you come up with your training regime? Perhaps you’ll be blogging about that.

    • Thanks Lorna; he really is an awful nice doggie. Very affectionate and strangely most affectionate late afternoon around the time he is due to be fed. Can’t think what that is about. As regards the training regime for the 10k I just googled 10k training programme, found one that I thought looked manageable and am going with that. I’ve already failed to follow it however.


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