Hurray for holidays!

I’m just back from a week’s holiday in Ullapool – a ferry port in the north west of Scotland. I’m a great fan of the north west in general and Wester Ross in particular. The scenery is stunning; the pace of life is dead slow and stop; the natives are friendly; the air is wonderfully fresh and you literally can leave your troubles hundreds of miles away. When I say scenery I’m talking about views like this :
The above is a view of Stac Pollaidh from the road to Achilitibuie. And it is isn’t just the mountains. The sea and islands are pretty special too :
These are some of the Summer Isles – probably called that because you wouldn’t want to go near them in winter.
And if you’re wondering why the whole world hasn’t relocated to the Scottish Highlands then the two reasons are the weather and the midge.

We were extremely fortunate with the weather this time round and the gentle but persistent breeze kept the dreaded midge away so it was win, win for us.

It was good to get away and breathe in some wonderfully fresh air. And eat whatever we liked for a week. I haven’t dared weigh myself since I came back but a week of scones, cakes, fish and chips (twice), ice cream and chocolate have definitely taken their toll!


6 thoughts on “Hurray for holidays!

  1. What a glorious place to spend a week. When you manage to remain midge-free in such scenery, there’s nowhere to beat it, and it’s even better with great weather. I feel refreshed just looking at your photos and imagining it.

    • Yes it’s great up there – well on a nice day. No traffic lights; no traffic jams; no parking wardens. Mind you – I think I’m conditioned to being in a city most of the time. But it is great to escape now and again!


  2. Your photos sum up what I love best about Scotland! What a gorgeous place to have a holiday. I am so glad the weather was good for you, and the midges not too rampant! I love the photo of Stac Pollaidh and the loch below.
    Hope this comment works, and apologies if I’ve already duplicated it!

    • Thanks Jo. Yes I do have an undisguised love of the Highlands and Islands. Next year all being well I’m hoping to get back to Wester Ross – possibly my most favourite part of all. By the way the problem with WordPress and commenting now appears to be resolved.


      • Hi David, I totally agree – and you can usually have the wonderful beaches all to yourself! I’m still having the same problems with WordPress this morning – getting a bit much!

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