A bad run – and a worse dream!

I can safely say that I had one of my worst runs ever on Monday. I knew there was something up even before I started as I didn’t take my watch, wanting to run at an easy pace. The first mile was wretched – at one point a runner shot past me. When I looked up he was all of 12 years old! And it didn’t get any easier. At three separate points I just wanted to stop and walk. Possible explanations? One of the following : the weekend of eating and drinking what I liked. (wouldn’t help but probably not the main reason) the heat? (again not a help but not the primary cause) not being well? (let’s hope that is what it was – I haven’t run since so don’t know yet)

But this blog is not entirely about running so let’s move swiftly on to my dream last night. I was at home when my ex brother-in-law rolled up (literally) in a Rolls. Nothing surprising about the Rolls but having not seen him for over 5 years it was a surprise to see him. The street where I live is used as a short-cut by drivers particularly at rush hour and I was pleased to see that my ex relative was wasting no time in setting up a home-made speed trap on a nearby lamppost. It looked rudimentary but judging by the squeal of brakes it was doing its job. Next thing I knew there was a wailing of sirens and around 6 police cars stopped in the street. This seemed a rather large over-reaction to someone setting up their own private speed trap but it turned out they were looking for a dangerous escaped prisoner and had had a tip-off that he was hiding in our street. There were loads of police searching house to house. I was out on the street watching this when I saw a strange couple come out of my house. I screamed at the police for help but they seemed disinterested. I went into my house and opened a cupboard.(Yes I know why would I do that in the circumstances?!) A vicious looking man grabbed me and held a knife to my throat.

Then I woke up! Not so much a dream, more a nightmare!


4 thoughts on “A bad run – and a worse dream!

  1. Horrendous, but all the same I’m delighted to hear about another of your amazing dreams. You can see where the speed trap thing came from, with cars using your street as a short cut, but what about the man in the cupboard? Most curious. I hope you’re feeling better now.

    • Yes I’m fine thank you Lorna. I must have been very bad in my previous existence to get bad dreams. I must have happy ones as well but they never seem to be so memorable.


  2. What a horrible dream! I’m wondering if you’ve found any link between these dreams and certain types of food? I hope you get a better night’s sleep tonight!

    • There’s a thought Jo. Didn’t have any cheese yesterday. Did enjoy some lemon tart and home-made trifle for pudding but that was more the stuff of good dreams.


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